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Buyers List Solo Ads

What are buyers list solo ads?

Buyers list solo ads are email ads sent to people who have opted in a mailing list to know more about a specific niche.

For example, we have subscribers of lists that teach overweight people how to lose weight. If you want to market weight loss offers to these people, we are able to help you send your email ad to them.

Compared to a random person who has been blasted a weight loss offer email ad, the targeted subscriber will be more responsive to view your email ad.

Subscribers who have read your email ad and want to find out more will usually make the effort to click through the link in the email and land on your opt in offer page.

Due to the highly targeted nature of buyers list solo ad traffic, conversion results tend to be better than other forms of online advertising.

Our Buyers List Solo Ads

As the market seller of buyers list solo ads, our solo ads come with a high percentage rate of quality traffic from Tier 1 countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We employ cutting edge link tracking technology to all of our solo ads, ensuring that you only pay for human eyeballs traffic.

Why Advertise Through Our Buyers List Solo Ads?

Inexpensive Advertising

When you buy a solo ad click package from us, you only pay for the email clicks that end up on your optin offer page.

The best thing about solo ads is that you don’t pay for email ad impressions. If a subscriber reads your email ad but does not click through to your site, it is not considered a solo ad click.

In the event of over delivery of clicks, i.e. you got a solo ad package of 500 clicks but the campaign generated you more than 500 clicks. We will not charge you extra money for the additional clicks. Any additional clicks will be free of charge to you.

Fuss Free Advertising

It is very easy to advertise using our solo ads.

You don’t have to spend time to learn how to use Google Adwords and Facebook Ads like a pro in order to get the right kind of visitor traffic to your offer page.

You also don’t have to risk your account getting suspended by promoting affiliate offers or face penalization by buying brand keywords.

All you have to do is just let us have your email swipe (email ad copy) and the website link to your optin offer page.

We will then deliver your email swipe to specific niche subscribers to generate the clicks to your page.

The process is fast and easy for you as the solo ad buyer.

Fresh Lists

We constantly build our network of niche subscriber lists.

With fresh new subscribers signing up time to time, we help repeat customers generate new leads and sales through our solo ads.

✓ We Guarantee

Buyers List Solo Ads Tier 1 Traffic

High % of Tier 1 Traffic

Our solo ads buyers lists consist of subscribers from Tier 1 countries including US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

For visitors from other countries, do contact us at to check on availability.

Buyers List Solo Ad Clicks

Minimum Number of Clicks

When you order a click package for e.g. 500 clicks, we will launch an email ad campaign with volume enough to generate results for at least 500 clicks.

Sometimes, you might see an over delivery of clicks when more people click through to your offer page than what we have anticipated.

To see actual examples, you can refer to our solo ads case studies.

Internet Marketing Solo Ad Clicks – High Quality Traffic

Quality Visits

With many paid traffic sources, you may end up paying for fake visits from bots or duplicate clicks from the same people.

Super Fresh Traffic uses the best click tracking technology designed for solo ads.

You will be able to track the total number of clicks, unique clicks and percentage of Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 clicks, etc.

When you buy solo ads from us, bot clicks and duplicate clicks will not count towards the total number of clicks you buy.

Check out our past click delivery performances.

We don’t guarantee

Business Opportunity Solo Ad Opt In Rates

Opt In Rates

Number of opt ins are not guaranteed.

While we will fulfill our service obligation of delivering the number of clicks which you have ordered, if visitors don’t find your opt in offer attractive, you might not get a good rate of opt ins.

To maximise opt ins, offer visitors a relevant freebie as a way to say thank you for their sign ups.

For e.g. if you want to draw in the health and fitness crowd who are keen in barre workouts, give them a free barre training video in exchange for their optin.

Once they are in your own list, you can always follow up with them again and sell them your product line or introduce your service.

If you have great products and services which benefit them, it will not be difficult to get a sale.

How to buy buyers list solo ads from us?

Buying Buyers List Solo Ads


Select a solo ad niche and place your order in the order form. We will look at your ad swipe within 2 business days.


Step 2

If you ad is good to go, we will send you a PayPal invoice for your solo ad package.

Buying Buyers List Solo Ads

Step 3

Once we receive your payment, your solo ad campaign will be queued into the system to deliver the clicks.

Buyers List Solo Ad Selection

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